Underground Railway

The important thing, when creating your digital story, is to make something that an audience actually wants to watch and listen!  It is vital that you narrow your topic to something that is seems worth investigating to you. This will result in a final product that shows “deep dive” learning, and that genuinely engages the viewer.

Here are some sites that are really worth checking out:

Black History Canada: Underground Railway:Not only does this site provide an overview; it also has, linked to it, a plethora of other sites.  This “go to” spot might be the best place to start!

Historica Canada: Underground Railroad: This page has a great map worth checking out and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page as there are many links to other great sites that will help you narrow your topic and locate the right information.

Canada: A People’s History –  Underground Railroad: This is the cbcLearning site and offers a short synopsis.

Black History in Canada: Education Guide: This is actually a resource for teachers; it has some really great snippets of info and some good inquiry questions that you can use to get going on your own digital story. The other feature this document has is a timeline.  A timeline can be very useful when determining the “whens” of anything!