Graphic Organizers

Clunks and Clues Graphic Organizer: Use this one page document to practice strategies for working with challenging vocabulary when reading.  Knowing your “clunks” and looking for “clues” is a great way to self regulate learning.

Reading Strategies graphic organizer: use this graphic organizer to plan and orchestrate pre, during and post reading strategies.

THIEVES: text previewing strategy: use this one page explanation of the THIEVES acronym to guide effective previewing of informational text.

Paragraph Graphic Organizer: use this graphic organizer to write a well planned paragraph.

Compare and Contrast graphic organizer: use this graphic organizer to organize your thoughts in writing when comparing and contrasting two ideas, things, novels, characters or events, focusing specifically on FEATURES.

Essay Map: this is a great initial planning tool when wanting to jot down some initial planning for a solid five paragraph essay.  From this graphic organizer, you can use paragraph organizers to flesh out your body paragraphs.

Compare and Contrast Chart: this graphic organizer will help to write a multi paragraph compare and contrast piece when you are first looking at how the two things are alike and then how they are different.

Persuasion Map Planning: this is a great guide to writing a persuasive piece of writing.

Citation Template: use this template to keep your sources organized and to make sure you have all the parts of a citation for your list of sources.

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