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Numeracy Assessment TODAY!

First and foremost, you are a genius.

Now that you know that, read carefully, take your time and show as much as you can!

Your exam code is NME1901HYYBR


A lot of things you need from your teachers are located in the Portal. Check regularly!

Click on this link and then select Portal under the District Links in the top right-hand corner.


Core Competencies Self Assessment

Please open and save this document BEFORE completing it. SAVE and then email to Ms. Stott.

2018 Core Competencies Self Assessment

Remember to do your best, clearly describing TWO of the Core Competencies focusing on writing full descriptions for:

What I demonstrated…

How it went…

Where to next…

YES, you may refer to the documents to for vocabulary choice prompting.

When you are complete, please email your document to