Author: gsseagles

It is JULY!

It was a pleasure to see 46 graduates cross the stage with purpose, dignity, and options last week at our Graduation Ceremony.

Enjoy your summer and take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

Make good choices.  You are worth it.


Core Competency Self-report

All grade 8 and 9 students need to complete a self-assessment of Core Competencies.

  1. Choose TWO of the six Core Competencies to report on.
  2. Be sure to clearly understand what the Core Competency means.
  3. You need to clearly explain what you demonstrated to show growth in the core competency you have chosen, share how it went, and explain the next steps you plan to take to continue to grow in this area.


  1. Open and save the link: Core Competencies Self Assessment in your files.
  2. Complete the Self Assessment and save again to your file.
  3. Open your email (Outlook).
  4. Type CORE COMPETENCIES in the subject line.
  5. Attach the document in the email.
  6. Send email to Ms. Stott at

You will receive a confirmation email from Ms. Stott that acknowledges receipt of the email and confirms completion. You will be contacted by staff with any concerns or if you need to better fulfill the requirements of the task.