Beyond Google

When you use a database, for instance, EBSCOhost, it can be overwhelming. Sometimes you may get many results that all look good (you need to narrow your search). On the other hand, you might not get many results or the results seem irrelevant.  If it’s the latter, you need to look carefully at your keywords.  Check out to help you create a keyword list that will give you what you need.

In addition, you should try using some Search Strategies for better results while you are searching.  Check out our Successful Web Search Strategies document to help with your research.

Using a search engine like google or bing! can be useful, but sometimes you need something that will provide a little more certainty; you need resources that are reliable.

One place to check is our database collection available to all of us through  Our school district subscribes to databases.  We have access to some reference books, to World Book Online, and to EbscoHost which, in itself, has many databases from Novelist (helps you pick the perfect book to read) to MasterFile (provides you with a tonne of periodical articles to sift through).

This is a great introduction to LearnNowBC for you to watch before you dive in:

If you are at the school, you can access these databases through the quick links menu on the homepage.  Just click on the ERAC button in the Quick Links menu at the top right of this page, and you will be directed to our databases.  Explore what is available!


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