Welcome students from India!


Hello students from India and welcome to the GSS Learning Commons blog!

Today we are going to do some research into the different kinds of government that we have in Canada.

There are a number of resources that you can use for your research below.  If needed, ask your teacher or the teacher librarian for headphones so that you can watch the videos.

In pairs, please complete the handouts you have been given.  We will be sharing what you have discovered at the end of the hour.

Check out these sites for reliable information:

Structure of Government

Canadian Encyclopedia


Parliament of Canada

Video – Who Does What?

Video- You and Your Government

There are numerous other sites out there that can provide you with information.  Just be sure to check that they are reliable, relevant and current.  If you use sites other than those listed above, please attach a list of these sources.

Ask for help if needed!

Once you have finished, please feel free to have a look at books available for you to read during your visit here.

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