research and citation resources

It is the time of year when you are busy writing final papers and creating final projects. You need to make sure you are accurately citing sources and avoiding plagiarism. Good writers do a lot of research and acknowledge the hard work of others by citing their sources accurately.  The side benefit is that, with effective research and citation, you will not be plagiarizing!

First things first: Check this site out.  It’s a “go to” place for all things related to plagiarism. “Not knowing” is not a reason to plagiarize and we don’t want you to learn this the hard way.

Real live people: Your TEACHER LIBRARIANS are happy to help you with research and citation questions.  See Ms. Stott or Ms. Hobbs.

Online help:

Check out the Research tab (look top right) for things that can help you with your research.

PURDUE ONLINE WRITING LAB is an excellent online resource for all citation types and writing resources in general (Google: Owl English Purdue OR access ).

CITATION MACHINE – a citation generating program –

BIBME – a citation generating program –

EASY BIB – a citation generating program –

MICROSOFT WORD – click on the References tab for a world of citation help

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