Many students will remember Hour of Code last year, where computer labs were opened up and many students  tried their hand at coding. It was fun. Everyone created something that was cool. The experience showed us that everyone can code. All of us could have a future in computer engineering, design and innovation.

We are celebrating technology in our world. What technology to you use? What technological advances to do predict will be the “next big thing”?  Can you imagine the world without the internet?  Do you have a knack for problem solving? Do you like to create, discuss and explore? Have you considered a career in computer engineering, design, or marketing?

Hour of Code, Computer Science Education Week, Hackatons, and Techjams are all about making all of us more aware of the tech opportunities as hobbies, careers, and educational endevors. Imagine working with the Snapchat team rather than just using the app. Imagine being the brains behind the next BIG thing in tech.

Watch for opportunities over the next few weeks (until we go on our Winter Break)!



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