School Supply List: the basics

Here is the basic school supply list we provide: School Supplies

The basics include a lot of paper, pens and pencils to write with (blue or black ink work best), a ruler, some pencil crayons, and erasers.  A calculator for the math you will be learning is also handy. You will need gym strip (basic t-shirt with crew neck and shorts) for your physical activity class.  If you are taking Outdoor Education (grades 9 – 12), you need to have the appropriate clothing for outdoor activity regardless of the weather.

You need good binders.  You know yourself pretty well by high school so please choose the best binder option.  Some people work best with a binder for each subject.  Others can keep multiple subjects organized in one binder with dividers.  Zip up binders are great as long as they do not become a place to “shove things into, zip up quickly, and ignore”.

It is also wise to have some sort of organizational tool.  For some, it will be their electronic device that they can record their homework into, for others it will be a list on their locker door, and for others, it will be an agenda. Having good organizational strategies is one key to success in anything we do!

Sometimes a teacher will suggest a specific item (for example, cue cards for studying or a 4 ink pen for colour coding quickly).  These items are not generally required but could be great additions to your “study skills” box!

Here’s to a great school year… we know it will be.

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