Freedom to Read week this week!

Here is a taste of why you should care about censorship and advocate for the right to choose your reading materials.

Have you read John Green’s

Looking for Alaska

Yes? You have read a book that has been banned.

Have you read Margaret Atwood’s

The Handmaid’s Tale

Yes? You have also read a book that has been banned.

Did you read Bridge to Terabithia in a class in elementary school? In some schools and public libraries, children are not permitted access to this book. The same thing has happened with The Trouble on Terragon Island, The Giver and The Golden Compass.

Sometimes books are unsuccessfully challenged by concerned citizens.  Libraries are great places to find all sorts of reading materials.  Librarians work hard to find books that will appeal to their audience while, at the same time, honour the values and beliefs of the community they are in.  Sometimes that involves taking chances for themselves!  Being a librarian can be fun.

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